A Single Bicycle in Gamla Stan; Sweden

Mar 29, 2019

Amy McMahon

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo with an Olympus OM-D EM10 Mark II using the M. Zuiko Digital 25 mm f/1.8 lens. I used Adobe Lightroom to edit this photo. I used several presets–Punch, Auto Tone, Direct Positive, and Sharpen Scenic. I then adjusted the shadows, highlights, clarity, shadows, and vibrance to my specifications. No filter used!

Photo Location

I took this photo in Gamla Stan (Old Town) of Stockholm, Sweden. The picture is looking down the tiny street, Helga Lekamens Gränd, from the bigger cross street, Västerlånggatan.

About the Author

Amy McMahon

Amy McMahon, originally from Montana in the United States, has endeavored to tell the truth and show the beauty, through her writing and photography. She has taught and lived all over the world, from Hungary to China to Peru, and has documented these travels in a successful travel blog. Currently based in her hometown of Bozeman with her husband and baby daughter, Amy continues to chronicle her travels, both near and far.

Website : www.amyandthegreatworld.com

Twitter : amygreatworld

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