May 31, 2018

subhash purohit

How the Photo was Taken

The photo is shot with Canon EOS 1200 D camera with Canon EF-S 55 – 250 mm IS lens.Handheld.The original frame is cropped to a panoramic format to give better impact,adjusted brightness and contrast using Photoshop.

Photo Location

The photo is shot in the arid region of Bhuj-Gujrath-India. on 6-02-16 at 11.28 am.Though the region is arid having very less rain fall,people here have big herds of cows as seen here.The photo also shows the shepherd in his traditional dress which gives the idea of the specific region.The photo also shows the aridity of the region with sandy soil all around.The dust produced by the movement of the herd adds even more drama to the aridity of the scene and helps create atmosphere.This is a well composed shot with the shepherd at the right place in the frame.seeing all the parameters perfect I love this photo,hence I chose this.

About the Author

subhash purohit

I am,age 71,is a Pharmacist by profession and now a serious hobbyist in photography for last 20 yrs.I shoot many subects of photography,like wildlife,macro,portraits,landscapes.I usually take part in local,National and International photo competitions and have won 8 International,4 National and 8 State awards up till now.Travel through out India and Bhutan for photography.

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