Makkah al-Mukaramah, Saudi Arabia:The Land of Love


makkah13It is a dream of every obedient servant of Allah to spend at least once in a lifetime experience in this beautiful land, Makkah. Why would we want to go to a place known for its heat and overcrowded with people? Coming from a country with the tropical rainforest climate, we would love to avoid countries with hot and dry weather, because we are not used to it. So back to the main topic, why I want to spend my time here in Makkah and be very sure that I will not regret it.

It is the fifth pillars in Islam to visit Makkah to perform rituals known as Hajj at least once in a lifetime, if we can afford and go through it, financially and physically. When we manage to perform Hajj completely, we will be cleansed from sins whereby we are equal to small little babies with no sins at all. Because we humans do mistakes all the time, we need forgiveness from the Almighty Lord to save us in this world and hereafter.

Spending my time in Makkah made me feel closer to my God and also made me feel 100% peaceful at heart. I forgot everything about the world and only stayed focus on worshipping the one and only God who allowed me to come to this world, experience all the beautiful life’s journey. He had given me and chose me to be part of this beautiful religion.

It is very heartbreaking when I saw on the net some people are so ignorant about this religion. They are being so skeptical about us Muslim. If only they understand and did more research on Islam, and not only listen and see us from one side of the media, I can be sure they are going to fall in love with this religion like what I feel right now. I’m so in love.

Quality time spent with the person we love is the most precious moment in our life. What could make our heart become so filled with love other than that right? But, quality time spent to worship my Lord is way beyond that. You never know the feeling until you try it. It feels so heartwarming, sometimes I cry because of my sins, but then, I know, that the Lord is the Most Forgiving one of all, He’ll definitely forgive me. Sitting in front of that simple black cube with gold embroidery in the middle of Masjidil Haram called Ka’aba despite thousands of people around me, still gives me some special feeling that cannot be explained with words. Praying in front of it, very sure that my Lord listen to my prayers and whine, calms my soul and heart.

Makkah, the land of love, gives love not only to people but to the One who created the people. Time spent travelling is not wasted time. Time spent to accept the call from the God to His house, Makkah Al-Mukaramah is so valuable that one will never regret but instead inspire each and every one of us to be a better human.

About the Author: Nor Aqilah Bt Sedek Shah, I’m a 20 years old girl from Malaysia. I love reading people stories and just started to take a step forward to be a traveler. I dream to travel the world to meet a lot of people and help clear the misconception on Islam.

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