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parisParis as you all know is the Romance Capital, and the city of lovers. So, whenever you are next in Paris, this is not to be missed. I think you can just make it an ultimate gift for your loved one. How about an idea of locking your love forever at the Lover’s bridge. ‘Lover’s bridge’ this is what I would like to call it.

You get to explore some really interesting aspects of the city, which you happen to miss otherwise if you are not on foot. You have to compromise on one thing for sure. Choosing comfort or locking memories to cherish forever, which is more important for you.

Some might find it silly, but trust me it is really fun to do such silly things at times, that too to make someone special feel how special they mean to you. Though I was really not as lucky as some of you might be in giving this gift, but I do have it in my travelling agenda, that whenever I am next in this romantic city, I will not be alone, and will surely do this ‘So Silly’ deed for my honey pie.

Just to the left bank of the Louvre museum you will see the Seine river and all you need to do is, keep walking besides the river, you will reach Pont de Arts, in no time. The bridge looks so attractive and the crowd will itself grab your attention and will come to know that, yes, this is the lovers bridge.

You will find the lovers locking padlocks onto the chain link fence of the bridge. The idea is to lock the padlock and throw the key in the river which signifies eternal devotion and promise to be with each other forever, with a promise kiss on the bridge. I really don’t know from where did this custom come from, but I heard it was the Chinese who had a similar place and believed in locking their soul forever.

People also say that, if the lovers kiss each other on this bridge they will be together forever. Many artists, musicians, travelers often come and sit on this bridge, may be looking for their loved ones! So, even if Parisians might not call it ‘The lovers bridge’ with the twinkling lights from the far away Eiffel Tower and the view which is as beautiful as ever, there is no better place for romance.

However, one advice that I would like to share, please do not forget to carry your own padlock as buying one might be a real turnoff and would just make you rethink about your lovely gifting idea and an opportunity that you don’t know, when will come next. Still in case you plan to buy there is costs around 5euros for one padlock, which obviously does not make much sense. So, once you get the chance to be in this lover’s paradise and experience the French romance in Paris, please do not let it go! Sitting in a small cafe’ and sipping lattes’ with one you love the most will make every single day Valentines day for you.

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