Batanes, Philippines: Heaven on Earth


1017156_791963190820507_1446050457_nDear Batanes,

Kapian capa nu dios Batanes! (Hello Batanes!).

First, I write to you as a hopeless romantic. No! Not the kind of I am looking for a happy ever after, waiting for my prince charming. I am in love with your beauty. You are a piece of heaven on Earth.

My fascination about you started when I was in college. My best friend and I saw you in a travel magazine. Since then, I never stopped dreaming about you. I included you (BATANES) in my bucket list – a place I will never ever regret to set my foot on. My best friend and I promised to visit you together. But sadly, she saw you first without me. I was a bit jealous because she even had the chance to be with you for a year. Well, our dream of seeing you together didn’t end there. She told me that you do exist, you are real. And that one day we`ll see you together.

I’ve seen your breathtaking beauty in travel magazines and in the internet. You are truly majestic. A place that inspires me to appreciate my life and don`t regret it. I am lucky that I have given a full eye sight to see your beauty. You are isolated from the main body of the Philippines. Seeing you could really be expensive, and is more costly than travelling to any other Asian tourist destinations. But I know that you are totally worth it.

You inspire me to be closer to nature. To appreciate the small things that is actually the big things essential for us, humans. I want to be one of those few who have seen your breathtaking beauty. You are a gift of Mother Nature. I must see you before I die. You inspire me to explore, do more, enjoy and diverse myself in different culture. You inspire me to leave behind the comfort of our home and experience the random acts of kindness of your people, the Ivatans. One thing I am sure of – if I don`t see you I haven`t lived a full life (that is my regret).

I want to tour around your majestic scenery on a bike ride. To hike on your beautiful rolling hills, take a photo on your picturesque coasts, pray in your unique old churches. I want to breathe your wild air and feel it on my face. To chase sunsets and woke up in your cold breeze.

I will not have forever so I don`t want to waste my time on Earth not to set foot on you. I will see you soon. Ichaddaw ku imu (I love you) Batanes!

With Love,
Your Lover

About the Author: I’m Mara Eclio from Manila, Philippines. I am a dreamer and a work in progress.

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