Joy on the shores of Nova Scotia, Canada


DIGITAL CAMERAOf all the places that I could spend my time the place that draws me the most is a lake shore in my home province of Nova Scotia, Canada. My husband and I have a small camp there. Our summer months are far too short so we are there as much as possible. Two months of warm waters and ten months of dreaming about them. It is a beautiful little place nestled cozy in nature. There is nothing fancy about it but it is a true treasure.

There is such peace there. Sometimes the water is so still and it is so quiet that I want to hold my breath for fear that exhaling might break some sort of spell that is holding everything in place. Often we invite people over and that is when the camp is buzzing with activity. There are children everywhere. Some are swimming or kayaking while others are just lazing about on inner tubes. There are always a few in the group who prefer to spend their time catching whatever creatures they can find in the water, on the shore or in the woods. The hammock gets hung between two tall trees that offer shade from the heat and is a favorite spot for a nap but is also the perfect size to fit several giggling teenage girls.

One of my most enjoyable memories of time spent at the camp was when me and my two children decided to take the paddle boat out and explore several small islands. Before we headed out we cut plastic bags into flag shapes, colored them with markers and fastened them to sticks. We paddled out to the islands and began to explore. They were only small, some no more that fifteen feet across but each one quickly had a flag planted on it. The children had a great time although getting in and out of the boat on slippery rocks did prove to be a bit tricky. On the way back they took turns fishing off the back of the boat. All that was caught were several small bass but with all the yelling you would swear we had caught sharks.

Many wonderful days have been spent there. I have watched my children grow from year to year in those waters. From the first toe dipping in with curiosity to hearing those words that can make any mother cringe, “watch what I can do mom.” I do not regret one moment spent there. There are always things that need to be done, sometimes it feels as though the “to do list” should be renamed the “It will never get done list” but we can always make time to go to the camp. My children are getting older and I know they will start lives of their own but I also know that these are memories they will hold dear to their hearts for the rest of their lives. I can only hope that they too will find a special place that will bring them the same joy.

About the Author:My name is Tammey Sarty and I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am 36 years old and have a wonderful husband and two amazing children!

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