Tradition meets Innovation: Israel’s art scene


Tel Aviv artIsrael has the highest number of museums and galleries per capita of any country in the world. Three of the largest establishments can be found in Tel Aviv, among them are Eretz Israel and the Tel Aviv museum of art. While exploring Israel’s art scene you’ll quickly realize the importance its people place on preserving past traditions as well as promoting new forms of expression.

One unique place in Tel Aviv is Shay Peled’s Tzuki studio. Peled creates masterpieces out of metal with themes varying from Judaic traditions to modern pop art. The process starts with sketches followed by the laser cutting then coating/painting. Tzuki studio is also the site of therapeutic work by various non-profits and adds wonderful diversity to Israel’s art scene.

Video: Exploring art with Shay Peled

Akko, one of the oldest cities in the world, sits on the coast of the Mediterranean and has been in the hands of the Crusaders, Ottomans and British. Exploring the city’s under-layers and crypts is like stepping directly into the past. Aside from an excellent history lesson, you’ll find artisans working with glass, clay as well as silver right in front of your eyes! Once outside, it’s your chance to soak in modern-day Israeli culture with mouth-watering shwarmas and falafels!

Video: Exploring Akko Oct 14 2015

Caesarea is one of Israel’s most interesting and culturally-relevant places. The grand Roman Theater, built by Herod the Great between 25-13 BCE, is the frequent site of concerts by well-known Israeli and international performers. The theater is also home to the Annual Jazz Festival and houses a large quantity of South American art.

Video: Caesaria Oct 15

live artJerusalem is filled to the brim with art and culture, this is especially true in The Old City. The Armenian Quarter is the place to go for world-famous ceramics, a tradition which began centuries ago when Ottomans brought in Armenian artisans to renovate tile decorations. Pay a visit to the Old City and see this age-old art form plus many more come to life.



Video: Jerusalem Walking in the Old City Oct 16 2015

With so much to see and do in Jerusalem, how does one choose? Be sure not to miss out on the national museum; you’ll be privy to seeing the Venus of Berekhat Ram, a carved female figure which may be the oldest piece of art in the world, as well as the coveted Dead Sea Scrolls.

Video: Jerusalem Israel Museum and Leopold Plaza Hotel Oct 15 2015

For artists and art-admirers, Israel is the place to be! Full of diverse cultures, traditions and creative-thinkers, it’s a country you’ll want on the bucket list. Stay up-t0-date with WSGT for more international adventures through our blog and Youtube channel.


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