Introducing Float Plan One: The App That Can Save Your Life


Float Plan One logoIntroducing Float Plan One: The App That Can Save Your Life…and a special WeSaidGoTravel Reader Discount!


It saves lives. It saves property. It is taught by every water safety expert, endorsed by every search-and-rescue agency and both the Candian and U.S. Coast Guards, and strongly recommended by every boater group, website, yacht club, journalist, blogger, marine insurance company and boating professional in North America ……and yet, amazingly, almost nobody actually does it.

According to the people who study actual behavior by real people on real boats (megayacht to kayak, power, sail or paddle, on rivers, lakes, or oceans) a scant FIVE percent of all boaters actually and consistently do this vitally important thing that they’ve been told could save their lives each and every time they leave the shore. Clearly, something’s not working about this critical safety procedure, and clearly somebody should solve the problem before more lives and property are lost.

So we did. We call it Float Plan One: “The App That Can Save Your Life.”

Float Plan One didn’t invent the float plan. We just made it work. We took out the tedious paperwork that the fun-seeking boater just won’t do, but we went beyond mere mobile “paperwork simulator” aps to create a secure, comprehensive, web server-and-GPS-based fail-safe system that makes simple sense for the boater and their on-shore contact alike. Float Plan One tracks a voyage’s progress without fail and without relying on onboard systems that might be disabled by an emergency themselves. No matter what happens on your boat, Float Plan One keeps on working independently and inexpensively ashore, ready 24/7/365 to send that life-saving alert with speed and reliability the moment a boater is overdue.

Float Plan One homepageFloat Plan One also trains your on-shore contact on whom the whole float plan concept relies, making their task in an emergency easy, efficient, and effective. Even if they have absolutely zero understanding of boating terminology and practices, they’ll gain confidence in their ability to help and the peace of mind that will make all voyages away from them (including the majority that do not end in distress) just plain happier. They’ll know exactly who to call, what to say, what to do, and how to best get the vital information to the right search-and-rescue people by actually forwarding a pdf of your float plan to them instantly—and in a crisis, “instantly” instead of “eventually” is often literally the difference between life and death.

WeSaidGoTravel readers and their families and friends can become Member Captains in Float Plan One now by visiting the website at  AND by entering this special just-for-you introductory discount code CAMO8916E4E-10 at checkout the customary $35 Activation Fee will be completely waived, too! Visit the site for more info about exactly how Float PlanOne, “The App That Can Save Your Life” might just save yours.

More information: WEB, Facebook, Video, APPS are available in both Ios App Store and GooglePlay Android

Contest during the month of July: EVERYone who becomes a member is in the drawing for TEN prizes of a FREE one-year extension to your Float Plan One Member Captain membership! Act now, and you might recieve two years for the price of one!

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