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Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 5.01.54 PMThe original version of this article “How To Turn a Life Rut into a Major Life Change, From Someone Who’s Been There” was first published on Livingly.

Everyone gets into a rut at some point, what differs is the method we use to get out of it. Lisa was recently interviewed by Kimia Madani about her journey of inspiration from rock bottom to successful travel entrepreneur. Her to-the-point advice serves those in similar situations, especially women, who as she points out can be intimidated by public pressure to accept unhappy circumstances.

Speaking your truth is one of the top take-aways from the interview, as Lisa explains: “I wanted so badly to make it work that I was willing to avoid making sure my side of the street was being taken care of.” In an open-hearted account of her ended marriage, she shows the power of picking yourself up and believing in your own abilities to succeed. Watch the touching story of how Lisa conquered some of her biggest fears and re-invented herself:

Being surrounded by those we love will help in any difficult situation and absolutely necessary to a happy, fulfilling life. Our accomplishments should be celebrated and our downfalls forgiven. As Lisa explains in her interview: “Definitely for me, having the support of my family and friends and a team, has made a huge difference.”

This inspiring interview couldn’t arrive at a better time with International Women’s Day just around the corner. The steps women and allies have taken to arrive where we are today will be celebrated. The steps we still need to take will be recognized in order to make the world a place where all are free and empowered to make decisions which lead to a more fulfilling life.

Read Lisa’s full account here and check out WSGT’s blog and youtube channel for more inspiration. Use hashtags #IWD2016 and #pledgeforparity to support the creation of a world where all opinions and ideas have the same value.


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