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Garden of Gethsemane” Where did David fight Goliath? Where did Abraham almost sacrifice his son Isaac? Where did Jacob dream of the angels going up and down the ladder? Where was Moses leading the children of Israel to the place they called the land of milk and honey? Where did Jesus born and crucified?” my pastor used to say. “It is in the land of Israel.” I loved hearing these stories when the Sunday school at the church. For those who grew up Christian, as I did, Israel was the Holy Land — where Jesus lived, preached, died on a cross and then rose again. Thus, travel in Israel, for many, means visiting these holy sites and walking in Jesus’ footsteps. Wow! What a place that must be. I will go there one day!

Israel is a place that inspires me to spend my time wisely with no regrets. Because in Israel, I would like to do a spiritual journey, especially in Jerusalem. Spiritual journey in the Holy City of Jerusalem – Holy Land Trip, and visiting historical sites are a source of spiritual inspiration experience will not be forgotten. Jerusalem, that has meaning the Holy City is a source of human civilization, proven by all the tourist destinations that have high historical value. Many travelers who have been many times and even dozens of times, made a pilgrimage holy city, but they still can not afford to lose a lot of admiration for destination that recorded in much of the literature, even noted in Scripture passages.

Jerusalem has a lot of place that must be visited by travelers. One of them is Garden of Gethsemane. It’s known as the place where Jesus formerly prayed at night before He was arrested and taken to the house of the high priest Caiaphas (Matt. 26:36). The meaning of Gethsemane is the place where the olives pressed in Hebrew because the location of the garden of Gethsemane is on the slopes of the Mount of Olives in an area where there are a lot of olive trees and located not too far from the city of Jerusalem. In this place, there is a cave that is believed used previously by Jesus with His disciples to rest. Today, near the Garden. there is a church called the Church of All Nations and the Grotto of Gethsemane. And in the garden is still growing olive trees are believed to have been more than 2000 years old, or has grown since the time of Jesus. I feel it’s a special place because it has beautiful scene with its olive trees as a shade place so we can feel calm that can relax our mind.

Besides known as spiritual journey destination, Israel is also known as a popular medical tourism destination especially as a result of its international reputation for high quality healthcare and state-of-the-art medical facilities. It is one of the world’s main medical leaders and is the most cost-effective of the top options. The country is also became number one in health-related innovations. Israeli-invented medical equipments have created a practical contribution to all areas of medicine. Israel’s medical tech and biotech industries are the most advanced in the world. Moreover, the winning collaboration of medical research institutions and industry, has bridged the gap between basic and applied science; making it easier for new technologies to arrive at our doctor’s doorstep. The most up-to-date research and development extracted from the public universities and research institutes coupled with the rapid progress made by medical manufacturers has proven unequivocal success.

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