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Looking for something special for your next holiday? Want to try something a bit different to your usual trip? Whether you’re going skiing for your next break or visiting one of the most beautiful of the Italian lakes like Lake Garda, you can get the most from your precious holiday by visiting more than one location. You can also mix two types of holiday, city and ski, lakes and camping, to really push your trip to the max. You can even go to more than one region or even a new country, learning new languages along the way.

Northern Lake Garda, Italy

Ideally located in the northern part of Italy, Lake Garda is a picturesque tourist destination that combines the rich history of its storied past with the modern day amenities and attractions of a multi-centre holiday tourist attraction which is popular among locals and foreign visitors alike. In and around Lake Garda’s expansive area, you can find towns which house the ruins of ancient Roman settlements, fortifications and hill-forts , charming patrician villas and baths not far from elegant and classy shopping shopping establishments, fine dining restaurants and five star hotels and resorts dotting the lakeside.

Wines are also an important part of Lake Garda’s allure for tourists. There are numerous wine festivals, as well as wineries, bars, pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy your favorite vintage whether it’s a sparkling white, a full-bodied red or the fruity variety you enjoy so much.

For the more adventurous, Lake Garda does not lack for facilities or adventure options when you are fortunate enough to come over for a visit. Wind and kite-surfing on the lake’s turquoise waters, as well as diving and snorkeling are favorites here. Fishing, jet-skiing and sailing are options for the more timid while hikes and walks among the nearby cliffs on the north end and lush hillsides are open for the more energetic. Kids will be enthralled  with Lake Garda’s famous theme parks counting Gardaland with its thrill rides and shows, the stunning effects at Movieland Studios and of course, the rides and attractions of Aqua Paradise Park.

The magic of travelling to a foreign land like Italy is in the exotic experiences that we share with our loved ones. Eating new food, hearing new sounds, experiencing new adventures and sharing the delight of seeing new sights with people dear to us are some of the most important and special memories that we make. It’s important to relish every second we spend travelling the world with our family and friends.

Multi-centre holidays offer the perfect opportunity to do this. You can mix a relaxing beach holiday with friends and a romantic weekend with your partner in a beautiful city. All in the same week. It really is the new and economical way to make the most of your holiday.

And even if you’re travelling alone, we’re all searching for the perfect social networking profile picture or update. Imagine uploading a stunning photo of yourself on a boat in a beautiful Italian lake followed by a tweet from the idyllic suburbs of Milan just a few days later. What a jet setter!

Ivan Hamlag works as a Team Leader for a leading company in the Business Processing and Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines. He loves traveling to different places and writing about his adventures during his spare time. He is also a certified cinephile who loves watching all the latest movies together with his wife and young son. Watching movies together is one of their favorite moments to bond with one another after a grueling week at work. Traveling and living vicariously are the other two of Ivan’s passions and he is currently looking at a new DSLR camera as an investment for his travels.


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