Five Great Holiday Activities You’ve Never Considered


Five Great Holiday Activities You’ve Never Considered

Do you have a thirst for adventure and contempt for convention when you travel? If the thought of lounging around on a beach for two weeks fills you with revulsion, panic not: there are alternatives. Whether you want to sculpt your body, hone your intellect or nail a new skill, the world has much to offer those looking for new challenges when they travel. Check out these top activities for a break that breaks with travel convention.

Mongolia Warrior TrainingWarrior training in Mongolia

Yes, you too can become a fierce and majestic warrior, just like Genghis Khan, but with a mortgage, and better shoes. Fly to Ulaanbaatar for some grounding in Mongolian history before venturing into the grasslands, donning some traditional 13th century warrior garb, and learning the not-so-subtle art of war. Horseriding, bow and arrow training and battle tactics are some of the new skills you’ll learn, just perfect for asserting your authority in the office on your return home.

Learn ninja skills in Japan

Have the adventure of a lifetime in Akame, and learn some important life skills at its ninja training school. You’ll learn stealth, self-discipline and control, all while wielding super cool weapons like throwing stars and the katana sword. At just Y1,700 for a ninety minute session, your official ninja certification is one savvy investment.

Fishing in Dubai

Fishing in DubaiIn Dubai, fishing is one of the most popular activities, and it’s easy to see why. Escape the heat by skimming out over the Persian Gulf, command exquisite views of one of the most otherworldly skylines on the planet, and grill freshly-landed food. Fishing charters typically cater to groups as large as ten, and make for a challenging afternoon for all ability levels. If it’s your first time, just be warned, it’s easy to get hooked once you’ve landed your first catch!

Wine and painting in Tuscany

If you need to feed your inner artist, treat him or her to an adventure in Tuscany, land of heavenly sunsets, wine and staggering landscapes. When you’re not lathering paint onto canvas under the tuition of experienced artists, you can trawl medieval towns, hike, cycle, and seek inspiration at the bottom of a glass of heady Tuscan wine.

Yoga retreat, anywhere

Sometimes, we all need to take stock, detox, and reclaim our senses with a little concentrated personal time. What better way to get away from it all than a dedicated yoga vacation? Whether you choose to venture into the mountains of northern Thailand, onto a Goan beach or chill in Ibiza is up to you, but a yoga retreat is a serious treat for stress heads.

There’s adventure to be had in every corner of the world, it’s up to you to go and seek it out.

Images by Google Images and Guilhem Vellut, used under the Creative Commons license. 

Author Bio: Chris is a consultant to FishFishMe, an online resource that helps you find and book fishing trips all over the globe.

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