Coron, Philippines: Taking A Plunge to Nature’s Beauty


Coron Taking A Plunge to Nature's BeautyOne can truly find serenity when nature offers you its beauty.
Philippines has truly endowed great natural resources since time immemorial. Ranging from white sand beaches to gigantic waterfalls, the country boasts a lot of these from its 7,107 islands.

Needless to say, tourism is continuously flocking a wide array of tourist spots with people slowly recognizing the beauty of the nature. For economic purposes, tourism is a great potential to the future of the whole country. The only downside of tourism falls when people are abusing what the nature can offer, putting great damage to a lot of wonderful places, just like what is happening to Boracay Island. Good thing, though, that there are still unexplored and reserved places that makes one reconnect with nature.

Tagged as one of the best beaches in the Philippines, Coron, Palawan has maintained its great way of caring the beauty of nature. The travel from the country’s capital, Manila, to the jump off point to Coron may take several hours. Some may find the travel very exhausting, but hey, Coron welcomes its every tourist with the true beauty of nature with a touch of Filipino’s hospitality. The quaint town boasts a lot of natural wonders that a weekend trip may not be enough to take the taste of Coron. I actually thought that sceneries of Coron may not exceed my expectations of a great beach. But boy, upon seeing Coron’s true and real beauty made me realize that pictures do not lie.

Nestled with different bodies of water, Coron has its fair share of clear waters and pristine, white-sand beaches. The background of limestone cliffs hugged by vibrant, green trees perfectly complements the clear waters of every lagoon. It is indeed tempting for anyone to take a plunge to its waters. One of its more popular destinations, Kayangan Lake has been renowned to be the country’s cleanest lake. And it is no doubt with that recognition, as the lake shows how every lake must be. It is a must see for all the tourists as its picturesque scenery is already enough as a souvenir. Twin Lagoon is also a popular choice to enjoy the waters of Caramoan. These two lagoons are separated by towering rocks but are both accessible in two ways. During low tide, one can go kayaking and transverse the lagoons under the hole of the separating rock. On high tide, one can challenge himself by diving to get to the other side. For those who opt to take the safer way, there is also a walkway that links both lagoons. Beauty under the sea is a sure treat for most divers and snorkelers taking the opportunity. The Siete Pecados are among the best snorkelling sites in the Philippines. There is abundance of fancy-colored fishes and coral reefs as if one is swimming under an aquarium. It’s amazing to see how these under-the-sea creatures welcome the tourists by showing their colors and magnificent sizes that one may actually feel the importance of clean water. Also, different underwater rock formations and some World War 2 shipwrecks serve a tasty feast for our eyes.

Taking a break from all the busy works in the metro, the Coron trip is truly an amazing treat for everyone. The jaw-dropping sceneries can already leave the tourists at great awe. I thought the place is really magnificent that no other tourist spot comes close. It is a jewel that the Filipino people must take good care of. And I am really proud of my kababayans (countrymen) that are continuously preserving the beauty that left most of us speechless. It’s just sad, though, that the area is often to be the exit point of most typhoons hitting the Philippines; the most recent one is the Super Typhoon Haiyan that unleashed its last stretch of blustery weather and torrential rains on the islands before totally leaving the country. Good thing, though, that nature is known to heal itself on a faster rate. And for sure and I am really hoping, Mother Earth would not let this island paradise go to waste, letting everyone know that a haven where anyone can bond with her still exists.

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