777 meters above sea level is the chapel of Queen Catherine, built before 500 years.
Queen Catherine is beatified the patroness of children and homeland.
Her husband was killed.
Her children are kidnapped, and her kingdom was taken from her.
She died in Rome; she is the only person buried upright in the wall of the church in Vatican.
She prayed for the children and homeland.
Her children and her home country she had never seen.

Today, after more than 500 years, her chapel is extremely popular. Here come all faiths, all pray for the children and the homeland.
The first time I went to the procession, I did not know what to expect. I was excited, even frightened. The ascent was difficult. It was the medieval trail. However, the climb to the top, where there is a chapel … it was an invaluable experience.
At the top of a small inaccessible mountain, in the forests and hills of the Balkans, chapel is untouched for over 500 years.
It is interesting because here comes the Army -they are protectors to homeland.
Mother protectors of children.
All together perform their prayers, they all pray for the protection of children and homeland.
I felt a chill.
After the prayer, the young people are singing the national anthem.
I turned to the hills of the Balkans. Beautiful nature. The nature looks like a rough, wild. Maybe so they look and people from the Balkans, prejudices are weird.
We need to in order to survive in the Balkans; we must be strong people.

How many wars have only been in the Balkans?

At the heart of the most beautiful and rough nature is one chapel.
Our sanctuary: our children, and, our homeland.
In our hearts is really so: the children and homeland.
There I felt freedom…
That’s me.
It is all of us.
It is sad that we are happy when there is no war.
It is sad that there 500 years we pray for our children and our country.
It is sad when our children go to war, when we have no homeland.
Now is not the war. Our children are (for now) safe.
It’s a wonderful feeling.
My work is not about tourist paradise on the planet, no.
I want you to understand that there is one place where people pray together for a better future. At this point, we feel free, in the beautiful nature on the place where 500 years ago prayed our queen.
The nature of the Balkans is beautiful, I could write about that nature.
However, I want you to send work where we are all free, where we are all as one.
Feel freedom … today it’s a strange concept, is not it?
For us, it is not to feel the freedom of the beach, for us not to feel freedom on the riverbank.
For us, we feel liberated when we believe in a better future. We feel liberated when we want a better future for our children and our country.
We feel freedom only when we are in the beautiful nature, perhaps the nature is rough and wild, but only as such can survive here.
Our heart beats for our children.
Just then I felt free in the wild environment of nature, while my heart beats for my child and my homeland.
If I feel happiness, it’s not the same as being free.
To be free means to feel it in my heart and soul, to be surrounded by those feelings.
I must to have my peace.
I must have a vast expanse in front of me.
I need to know that I am, in that moment, free.
When I looked at the nature that surrounds the chapel, I was filled with a sense of freedom.
I want that feeling again.
And I’ll have it again.

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