Music of the forest in India


Forest! A word that creates excitement! A word that has the capability to generate immense thrill! Moreover, it is a word that defines silence.

I have always tried to find a place where I can feel my pulses, my heartbeat. A place which will bring the courageous nature out of me. From the street of Calcutta to the lanes of different places I tried and tried but was in vein. But I never stopped trying; and then one day came the opportunity. KAZIRANGA is a well-known forest in INDIA. It is located in ASSAM, and especially famous for one horned rhino. But there is another fact that is Royal Bengal Tigers first entered India through the northeast region where Kaziranga is located. It was not a crowded day at Kaziranga. We booked our Safari car and entered the jungle.

To be honest, I never imagined myself as a brave person. But the essence of Kaziranga is such that it will pull out the brave man that sleeps within us. Because of big Elephant Grasses it is difficult to get wide view, but that’s the thrill. You can’t make out what’s going to happen next! The Red headed Eagle, Snake headed Bird greeted us cordially and gradually we entered the dense part of the forest. It was a new world to me. A world where darkness is the keyword. Sunrays cannot enter there gently because of high density of leaves. Visiting jungles is not about watching animals; I believe it’s about watching moments. It’s about observing god’s creations with our inner eye. It’s about keeping our inquisitive mind active.

Everything was fine, but suddenly our car started making peculiar noise and finally stopped. “What happened?” my uncle asked curiously. “I have to change the tyre sir. There’s a slight problem”, replied the driver. So at the middle of the jungle we had to come out of the car. It was a nervous moment for everyone because it was risky. But when I looked around myself, I got stunned!

What an amazing ambience it was! A world of unknown languages, a world of magic. We were alone at that place; it was pin drop silence. The soothing breeze, the whispering of air and obviously cold atmosphere made me forget about the problem. But suddenly we heard the loud hooting and chirping of birds. The monkeys started screaming, some deers ran away hurriedly. “Oh god! It’s the alarm call!” Our driver told in a frightened voice. Alarm call symbolizes the arrival of tiger in Indian Forests. It was a serious problem. We were alone, with a half damaged car, and most important was that there was no protection. It’s true that an animal attacks people when it gets afraid or attacked. But that was not a strong logic to relieve us because if the tiger comes very near it will not spare us.

I always labelled myself as a timid personality. But at that moment the feeling that came in my mind was to protect my family. How? I didn’t know that; what I knew was to save them at any cost. I just jumped out of the car and started helping the driver. “We have to make it fast.” I urged because I was concerned. The recovery work started occurring at a good pace. While working I heard the trumpet of elephants, shrill voices of birds. Probably they were also telling us to work fast. I saw the one-horned rhino standing beside the river at a good distance. But all my concentration was on that recovery process. After a bit of tiring work we pushed the car and it started ultimately. I thanked god and also thanked Mr. Royal Bengal Tiger for not spending time with us when we were working.

After passing the river we reached the end points of the jungle. What a marvelous experience it was! When we returned home, many of our friends, relatives said that we were unlucky that our car broke down at the middle of the jungle; but I felt like the luckiest person in the planet because that incident in the jungle helped me feel my courageous identity. We all have a hero within us. All we need to do is to keep that hero alive because life is just like a thrilling football match, where we have to be desperate and go for goals!

I know, someday I’ll get back to another forest; again I’ll wait for magical moments. The hooting, chirping of birds; the roar, the howling, and the rustling of leaves will overwhelm me. Suddenly the alarm call will occur. The wind will blow faster. The animals will start running away and then something will happen! That’s the music of the forest; that’s the rhythm of life.

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