Gratitude in Lincoln Terrace Park, USA


Surprise Mother!”

My three children exclaimed. It was the day before Mother’s Day and they had something special planned for me. I was going to spend a glorious time at Lincoln Terrace Park (also known as Arthur S. Somers Park) on a photo shoot. We took a quick drive to start my photo shoot at the park. As many times I had passed this park, I never remembered going through it. My husband used to take the children to ride their bikes or play tennis. I also remembered the unpleasant aspects of it. As I entered, my eyes were suddenly caught up in the splendor of it. My thoughts of it being a mugger’s haven and a place of shootings years ago left my consciousness. I walked joyfully to the different sounds of the birds that inhabited the woodsy space.

“Mom, pick where you want to pose.”

My daughter said.

“Wherever the photographer wants to set up is fine with me.”

I replied. We agreed to a meadow surrounded by trees with fuchsia and pink flowers where the sun was gracing us with its gift. We did not have to worry about the backdrop. We had sufficient flora and we were surrounded by the magnificent array of various trees and greenery. I was so impressed with the beautiful hills and peacefulness that for a second, I forgot I was in the middle of Brooklyn. While the photographer was shooting, we were amusing ourselves.

That’s what I love about older women,” my daughter’s friend interjected,

“they do and say whatever they want.”

At the time I was posing in different ways. For that day I was a model.  I did not take offense because of course I am older than both of them. I was thankful to be alive and living the moment. The surroundings contributed to this joy. The bluebirds, robins and squirrels were in harmony. Of course there were other people in the park such as joggers and parents with their children. They were experiencing the magical moments in their own ways as I was. Their smiles and laughter certainly gave it away. The shoot was coming to a close. The temperature was still ideal and there was no need for any added layers.

The photographer took 35 shots and I had to select 5 out of those pictures. As I walked to the other side of the meadow, I noticed two children running to the water fountain. I remembered when I was a child and I used to have to tiptoe to catch a drink. For that second I was transported to my childhood in the park. Our time at Lincoln Terrace was finished, but there was still enough time to continue to live this day. I had already had a tremendous start. I have realized for many years that I do not have to go to a foreign place or somewhere miles away to travel. I try to appreciate the space I am in whenever or wherever possible. I was thankful that my children gave me a ticket to the park. It was my time to be carefree. I have the pictures for me to review and the memories to recall.

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