The Impersonator in the USA

The Impersonator in the USA

The Impersonator  The black cat sitting in the hallway wakes me up with its pleas to be fed. The door to the room I am in is open, and I can clearly hear his meows. The red velvet curtains placed along the windows cast a blood-like radiance across the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Literary titles are numerous … Continued

Next Stop: My True Self in South Korea

It is where east meets west; where poverty meets wealth; where hello’s meet goodbye’s; where departures meet arrivals; where duty-free luxury gifts meet hideaway persons of sex trafficking. It, is the airport. It, is also the place where I most feel free to be myself. As harrowing as it may be for some to sit … Continued

Recreational Activities in New York City

Have you ever thought to visit the New York City in your vacation? If you end up going there, you will find a whole lot of recreational activities in New York City. It is economically a very well-developed city with beautiful and picturesque natural view. It is highly developed in all terms of development like … Continued

Zen of the Inner Explorer

It was a Monday morning, I was fourteen years old and the ink had yet to dry on my Japanese exchange student visa. Three things had just crystallized within my culture shocked skull. I was lost, not just a little locationally challenged, but honest to God, ‘which way is north’ confused. I was also utterly … Continued

Thailand—Wet Heat and Independence

There is an unkempt park just down from the morning market near my place in Amnat Charoen in eastern Thailand. A paved outer walk is partially shaded by an African Tulip tree in eye-popping orange bloom and by two ancient pink shower trees. In the middle is a man-made pond full of catfish and murky … Continued

The last $1000 in Malaysia.

 “If there is no joy, ease, or lightness in what you are doing, it does not necessarily mean that you need to change what you are doing. It may be sufficient to change the how. “How” is always more important than “what”. See if you can give much more attention to the doing than to … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel