Lost in Portugal, I found my way home

Lost in Portugal, I found my way home

If you have ever met anyone from Newfoundland, Canada, trust me you’d know it. There is a pride us Newfoundlanders have for not only being Canadian but more specifically for being from “the rock”, Newfoundland. My home province is a unique island in the North Atlantic with a rugged beauty and mixes influences of its … Continued

Morocco’s Gift

Sometimes, a single week is enough to change your life. Sometimes, one haphazard beginning is enough to change your world. I arrived in Fes well after sunset, in the company of a classmate from Paris and a guidebook that neither of us had read. The next five days passed by in a whirlwind: the narrow, … Continued

Where the Soul is Home

When the soul pulls toward a certain direction it is best not to ignore it. For as long as I can remember, my soul pulled toward somewhere else, somewhere far away from where I was born. Despite the sense of wonder and adventure that the world inspired in me, my desire to explore parts unknown … Continued

The Reclusive Tibetan Roadways

I had been backpacking around China alone for a couple of months. I was (until my money ran out) free – free of restrictions, and free of responsibilities. The only problem I had was that I couldn’t speak a word of Mandarin beyond ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. This wasn’t such a problem in the big … Continued

Palestinian Pride in Nebraska

I gazed out the window of our beautiful condo and noticed a boy who had to be at least 7 years of age or younger outside kicking a deflated soccer ball while laughing so loud and carefree. Despite the fear, he still managed to smile from ear to ear. The aroma of fresh produce of … Continued

A Kept Avenue in France

The moment you feel you’ve gained independence is when when you’ve moved away with no supervision. When you make choices of your own to better understand how to navigate through things. At first you may feel you’re like Dorothy, being jostled around in a thick tornado of bad doings. Then, just like Dorothy you end … Continued

Nepal: Mountain Freedom

            Travel is freedom. Sounds as much of a cliché, as it’s true. I leave my house, get on a taxi, bus, plane and just in one second I leave everyday humdrum behind. My mind goes to other spaces, and my thoughts become as first and new as the places … Continued

Moving On in Canada

         Moving On             Leaving home after high school graduation had always been the plan. It still is, and I am equally excited and terrified for the day I pack up the van and pull out of the driveway for the last time before I no longer … Continued

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