A Whirlwind Day in Prague, Czech Republic

A Whirlwind Day in Prague, Czech Republic

I ventured to Eastern Europe for the first time ever this summer, looking to see where my relatives originated. My first stop was Prague, formerly in the country of Czechoslovakia and now the capitol of the Czech Republic. I quickly found myself glancing at the locals to see if I bared any resemblance.   As I … Continued

Limping Through the Czech Republic

  What’s worse than hiking with a bum knee? Not hiking. Not doing much of anything for that matter, other than obsessing about growing old. That’s the prospect I faced the day before the start of a recent week-long hiking trip in the Czech Republic. After two days of walking around Vienna, the starting point … Continued

Panama Folio no. 2 [Pink]

I have had the great fortune in my life to be able to travel and observe the world around me essentially unencumbered by any limitations. I think it’s seminally important (not to mention super fun!) to see as much as the world as possible, and in doing so strengthening the ties between nations and more … Continued

Czech Republic: The Bone Church

I can’t help but look back on my travels throughout Europe this year and think about my trip to Kutna Hora, Czech Republic, where I saw “The Bone Church.” I can’t get this trip out of my mind. Though I am visually haunted by it, it’s more of a bewilderment or awe. Ever since I … Continued

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