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Lynton_Blog04r“Sometimes you want to go for a walk and you don’t want to be watched. You just want to be anonymous and blend in…” –Madonna Ciccone

So I took a time off after some busy days (or weeks shall I say), just spending one Saturday away from home—away from the small town of Reading, UK. Because I was in dire need of a good hike, even if the weather forecast said it is going to rain, I still went on. And because no one else wanted to go for a hike, I went alone, as usual.

But on a lighter note, I think going out alone was a good idea; at least I had more time to enjoy my own company and have a dialogue with myself; something that I have to do and no one would mind. At that point in time, I think I needed to do some kind of reflecting.

I had this feeling that I was missing something; it’s an unexplainable feeling of hollowness. I don’t think anyone can understand, because I myself could not understand what I’m going through. And I had this need to seek refuge, and that I could only get from Mother Nature.

It’s that feeling that I get when I can’t distinguish which tricks which—the heart or the mind. It was confusing. But either way, I am more than sure that it’s not the best feeling in the world! So I just want to go somewhere to see something true–just like the cliff and the valley and the sea, and whatever the weather is. I could care less about the weather.

I believe that Mother Nature presents nothing but the truth. If I arrived in a place that’s awesome, then I should be glad and be thankful! If not, then I could always find another place. After all, the world is so massive, just waiting to be explored!

If it rains, then it rains; if it doesn’t, then I am lucky. And I guess that was what I needed at that time of confusion and obscurity–something true and (hopefully) wonderful. I was still carrying that hope that I would be stumbling upon a place that could embrace my lost and (somewhat) broken self.

And I found this silent sanctuary after traveling far; a place which seemed perfect for my chaotic mind. I sat relaxingly on one of the benches, breathing as if my lungs have been empty for so long; feeling the cold and strong winds against my body, and as if drawing out all the negatives and throwing them all into the innocent and calm waters of the sea. It was soothing.

Thankfully, as always, Mother Nature did not fail me. And I am grateful for it has always embraced me and poured me with so much good vibes. And yeah, I came here for a hike on a weekend before the UK was hit by a storm! 🙂

And my last thought: I should do this more often.

About the Author: I am Simercita “Psymer” Cabasag, 29 years old. I was born and raised in the Philippines, but currently residing at Reading, United Kingdom. I am an auditor by profession but traveller by heart. Read more on my blog.

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