Midwest Bones in the USA

Most of my life felt like I wanted to crack the door and let it all escape, like visiting a pet store and having an urge to free the puppies. A split second image comes to mind of prisoners running free while standing in slow motion satiated. I needed out. It started with a broken … Continued

Secrets of the Riviera Maya in Mexico

“This is the womb of the world,” he says, looking out at the sea which forms into waves so clear I can see the silver fish carried inside them. Water churns around our shins in foamy currents, threatening to destabilize our footing. “People are re-born here,” he continues, his gaze firmly on the sea. Daniel … Continued

Abbey Road, Kentucky

It’s the winter of 2009 and I find myself eager to take a holiday, to abandon my work and leave the cell phone and computer behind, but mostly to have a Christmas (since the death of my parents) that doesn’t involve my being an orphan at someone else’s table. It’s always a difficult decision, how … Continued

Tanzania, My Spiritual Home

The blonde haired, blue eyed, fair skinned woman walking through the market in Arusha stands out from the crowds of spiral haired, brown eyed, chocolate skinned locals. She wanders through the tight rows of food stalls, all stacked to the sky with their rainbow produce, weaving between the hawkers selling their wares. That blonde woman … Continued

Germany: I Remember

“Al! You’re up early. And where’s your ‘shtick’?” I asked, using the word he substituted in place of ‘cane’. He opened the door for me before I put the key in the lock. “You shouldn’t walk around without it.” “Forgot,” he shrugged, waving away my concerns with a brusque motion of his hand. His posture, … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel