New Zealand: A Note to Mother

A Note to Mother By MaiLynn Stormon-Trinh Hello, Mother Nature. I am getting to know you well here in New Zealand and these two little pieces of land hanging off the bottom of your swollen body. You’ve taught me it is possible for all of your beauty and, occasionally, all of your tragedy to fit into … Continued

The Charming Seaside Town of St Ives

Located in the far southwestern county of Cornwall, the town of St. Ives is one of England’s best coastal towns to vacation at and is gaining popularity on the international scene as well. It was even named the best seaside town of 2007 by the Guardian Newspaper. The charming town is located right on the … Continued

A Day in Salzburg Austria

A Day in Salzburg Austria As I walked up the wooded beaten path up to the top of the hill I was greeted by the cool refreshing air of early morning. Forests, with their green leaves and unyielding presence, always had a special place in my heart. It is during times, when I am surrounded … Continued

Budapest: This Buda’s For You

The minivan motored over an elegant stone suspension bridge, up a hill and arrived in Buda at what had to be a former Habsburg hub. I looked out the closest window and saw an especially stately palace adorned with marble statues, wrought iron gates, towers and spires. The tour guide began to speak, and I … Continued

Scotland: The Heather and the Fern

A pile of travel diaries sits on my desk. Most are mine, two are not. My grandfather’s 1937 and my mother’s 1951 diaries augment my stack. All New Zealanders of Scottish descent, it is 150 years since our ancestors emigrated but we have all felt the pull to Scotland. The cat jumps on my desk … Continued

Navigating NYC & Nicaragua

We Said Go Travel Latest News: Navigating NYC & Nicaragua Our third and final country for Central America is Nicaragua. After two weeks in Panama, 10 days in Costa Rica and a few weeks in Nicaragua, we are on our way back to Malaysia. Being able to speak Spanish and communicate easily has been extremely … Continued

Tanzania: Our Doc

Our guide raised the roof of the jeep. Literally. It was not a pop- up roof, but needed to be lifted off the car to rest on four metal legs. The metal roof floated above our heads so we could stand and see the animals. I had chosen to celebrate my 50th birthday on safari … Continued

Sailing and exploring Peloponnese

  The Peloponnese is a mystical peninsula in Greece that many Greek gods and heroes used as their playground. Today, many historical sites such as temples, cities, palaces and fortresses are scattered across the landscape as far as the eye can see. Alongside the historical sites, snow capped mountains dominate the skyline along with vineyards, … Continued

We Said Go Travel

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