Beer and Cheese, California Style


Golden Road Brewing is in a secluded, out-of-the-way spot in Los Angeles. As I pulled up through a quiet, industrial area, I was shocked to see the place was packed with people! Hundreds were gathered in their large bar and their two outdoor seating areas on Wednesday afternoon! Their massive, delicious beer selection and great atmosphere might be the reason most people were there, but I came to try their new pairing with Follow Your Heart vegan cheeses. Golden Road is currently working to develop fun, vegan recipes that pair well with their beers.


The Head Brewer, Victor Novak, explained to me how beer and cheese are actually more compatible in flavor than wine and cheese. This has apparently been proven at many taste testings. He passionately explains how he carefully paired each appetizer (made with Follow Your Heart vegan cheese) with his Golden Road beers. While the partnership is still in the works, there will soon be plenty of (delicious) vegan options at Golden Road.

Here are some of my favorite beers and appetizers to try:


Beers to try:

-Golden Road Hefeweizen– Refreshing and perfect! My favorite beer of the day. They paired it with their mozzarella sticks!

-Heal the Bay IPA- This is an excellent summer citrus beer, which benefits cleaning up the beaches in Los Angeles.

-Black House Nitro Coffee Stout- I would drink this for breakfast if it wasn’t alcoholic! Delicious, rich, coffee perfection.


Appetizers to try:

-Mozzarella sticks – Melty and delicious, made with Follow Your Heart Garden Herb Cheese, and paired with their Golden Road Hefeweizen.

-Classic Grilled Cheese – A perfect classic, made with Follow Your Heart American Cheese, and paired with their Point the Way IPA.

-Tomato Caprese Melt – A yummy Italian treat, made with Follow Your Heart Mozzarella Cheese, and paired with Golden Road Saison Citron.


If you think the bar is a blast, consider hosting an event in their private room, Chloe’s! They will also be opening a beer and food counter in Grand Central Market late this summer and will be serving vegan pierogi! And late this year, they are opening a tasting room in Anaheim.


Cameryn Frost

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