Awka in Nigeria: A Good Place of Independence


2010419153655872Awka in Nigeria: A Good Place of Independence

Independence is to be free from outside control; not subjected to another’s authority. Awka is a good place that worth being because of the benefits attributed to it. All who travelled there for holidays testified and are still testifying on the good platform of the area.

What makes Awka Unique Place for Travellers?
Food is the fundamental thing that man needs to continue in his existence. This can make a dry bone turn over a new leaf within a short time. Awka has a fertile land for agricultural growth. Food scarcity is a dead talk in this part of the world.

Another thing that is special is the skill display in this society. The community has men who are skilled in blacksmithing. Without education, these men can manufacture many tools on their own. This is no tall story at all. Most times I cherish going to the workshops and admire the neat works of the craftsmen. To my surprise, do you know that these men produce guns using the local forging process?

This area is rich in cultural and tradition practices. The traditions of many communities of the world had been washed up. This is not so in Awka. The area booms in displaying their traditions. I really enjoy some of these, mainly during their cultural festivals. Their attire and masquerade parade is a notable one.

The community is a good business area. There is competition in the business establishment around the area. Because of this, goods are sold at cheaper price. Whenever I travel to this part of Nigeria, I like buying everything I need. The talk of “if you do not buy if from my shop, you will not see it in any other place” is an outdated one.

Awka has well furnished hotels where one can go and relax. I feel as if I am in paradise any time I enter any of these hotels. Examples of the notable ones are: Queens Suites; White View; and Rest Point. These are maintained to the standard. The way the workers treat her customers is outstanding.

It is well known that wildlife has gone into extinct in different parts of the world. Many have not tested bush meats since birth. In Awka, this is at all and sundry’s reach. These bush meats are sold at many joints in the town. They have unique tests that make them what they are. Honestly, you need to travel to this part of the world to enjoy the good breeze.

02072013Another outstanding thing about Awka is that it has many fresh waters that house many aquatic animals. One of the aquatic animals I like enjoying in that place is the fish. They have special qualities in them that make them singled out from other fishes. I feel free any time I eat these fishes. This is different from those bought from fish farmers. Those from fresh water are matured and have all that nature gives to it. There is no room for having second thoughts on whether to go to this society to exercise your freedom. You really need it.

Today, we construct artificial rivers in the name of swimming pools. But, listen let me tell you, it is not so in Awka. In some cases, people go to these swimming pools and die in them when they jump and break their heads on the cemented floor. There are well maintained rivers in Awka where one can go and swim at ease. I feel highly independent any moment I touched this part of the town.

To travel is another means of freedom. There are many good associated with travelling as explained above.

About the Author:  Mike Uzochkwu: I am a fourth year undergraduate student in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria. I am from Anambra state, Nigeria. Find him on Facebook.


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