A safe itinerary to exciting success in Nigeria

Oct 23, 2016


A safe itinerary to exciting success in Nigeria
He possessed an intrepid physique, radiant cheeks, hair still remain dark, and a gritty skin. He wore a hat strolling around the backyard, and a tattered blue army overcoat when it was cold, and sometimes top-boots. He walks round the house and an earsplitting yell was heard from the backyard, before he could be rushed to the hospital, he gave up the ghost.

What a pity! There is no one death cannot eliminate as death claim the life of my father after being battled by the debilitating disease of cancer.
One morning after the corpse was interred; the family members sideline my mother from other important discussion concerning the properties of the deceased. She stood upon her gallery with arms akimbo, shedding tears, so unexpected and bewildering was the death of her husband. The next decision of the family member was that the children of the deceased would be taken care of by the family members but my mother disagreed.

Few days to that time, I was kidnapped by unknown abductors alongside my mother and my younger ones into the narrow strip of shade on the porch of the long, low house; the hot sunlight was beating in on the brown old boards as an unpleasant odour filled the atmosphere, and a terrific sound was coming across the non-flowering cotton-field. The kidnappers were sent by the family member who wanted to confiscate the hard earned properties of the deceased from his immediate family.

Few minute to our execution by the kidnappers, a serene was heard within that abode alarmed by the Nigeria Police who were on duty when they notice some suspicious movement and sound in that environment. They thwarted the kidnappers from achieving their goal as they all fled away from being arrested and we were all unfettered from their captivity.

After two days of staying at the police station for security reasons, an officer lent my mother a piece of advice and that leads to our itinerary to Lagos state so that we can gain the freedom from our nemesis.

In the struggle of being totally independence, my mother seeks for employment opportunity for various months under the administration of the rickety Nigeria government before she later started with a petty trade. My mother also clamour that I should be independent by now as she inculcated that I must learn a vocation and must also provide and feed myself. This was initially difficult for me and I had persistent fight with her. I begin to hate her the more, my emotion begins to suffer depression, and my life now lacks the nutrient of joy and happiness. Drastically, I am becoming more irrelevant to the community as I use obsolete phone, I have accrued debt and I can’t avoid eating three meals a day because I have fallen into the abysmal of excruciating pestilence of poverty.

At a conference which I reluctantly attended transformed my life, I was inspired to take responsibility. Consequently, I searched for job in consensus to the inspiring testimonies heard at the conference that “before you can become successful, you would need to move out of your environment”. This emanates how I became a driver as I virtually travel and tour the whole Nigeria and Ghana while doing a job of a driver.

After about 15hours on road from Nigeria due to various barricades by the security personnel and also the vehicle engine problem which hiatus our journey. The red sunset and the blue-gray twilight had together flung a purple mist across the road that hid it from our view. We could no longer hear the wheezing and creaking of wheels but could still faintly hear the shrill, glad voices of the children in the passing vehicles. Finally, we reach Ghana and I got employed by the benevolent business woman called Miss Calister to whom I return the wallet she forgot in my bus some weeks ago.
I seated myself beside the table as I glance through the room, into which the evening shadows were creeping and deepening around my solitary figure, happy that I bounced back to a life of debt free, joy and happiness and I regain my freedom from the bumpy hands of poverty and sadness. This is the chronicle of my itinerary to success.

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I am a 20years old writer from Osun state of Nigeria. I'm also a Civil Engineering student in a Nigerian university.

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