How to Travel the World – and Make Money Doing It

How to Travel the World – and Make Money Doing It

Do you crave a life of travel and adventure, but aren’t sure how to make ends meet while doing it? Join the club.   In 2006 when I was 30 years old, I was busy running a successful financial planning practice in Canada. I had all the accoutrements of an enviable lifestyle; I had a … Continued

Free Accommodation Isn’t Just for Bums

When you picture somebody living for free around the world, what do you see? Is it a hippy planting trees and living in a tent or run-down shack? Or a down-on-their-luck hobo with dirt under their fingernails and a long face to match, sleeping on whatever charitable couches are offered to them? What if I … Continued

The Art of Financially Sustainable Travel

Would you like to chuck it all in to travel the world full-time? Perhaps more moderately, would you like to take a long-term vacation, career break, gap year, or sabbatical? Let me guess…one of the biggest things stopping you from doing it is money. It is for most of us. But it is possible to … Continued

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