A Taste of Immortality – Part 4


Glasswork craftmanship at its best. These windows are some of the many found throughout the Nasīr al-Mulk Mosque in Tehran, Iran.

A nearby mosque on the way to Abyaneh. Mountains are the typical backdrop to many small villages like Abyaneh.

An Abyunaki woman wearing traditional clothes. The clothing usually consists of a white long patterned scarf and a black skirt.

Traditional brick-colored houses in Abyaneh.

View of the terrace from the inside of a mosque.

Side view of the terrace, overlooking the mountains, orchards, and trees.

One of the walls of the Khaju Bridge in Esfahan, Iran. Bullet holes on this building are reminders of the devastating effects of the Iran-Iraq War.

A typical dining restaurant in Iran. Most restaurants have an outside courtyard and a restaurant inside. The courtyard is reminiscent of the decor of small restaurants in southern France.

A clear contrast between Muslim proper attire, a chador for adults and a small head scarf for little girls.

A typical bazaar in Tehran, Iran. Children tend to help their parents sell herbs, candy, and run the local shops.

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