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Cruising On My Couch in the Philippines


I feel free when I am on that brink between exhilaration and contentment. I feel joy when I walk that less than an inch slippery rope under the sheeting rain. I feel excitement when I climb that blue roped wall with splinters cutting through my skin. I feel elated when I am up on air, […]

Simplicity Is an act of Bravery in the Philippines


Simplicity Is an act of Bravery in the Philippines I’m the kind of person who gets conscious a lot and the one that hide herself on the background by wearing or doing something that no one else would notice. At first I thought I would just send my picture wherein I stood on the edge […]

PRAYER: My Safe Haven in the Philippines


Take freedom away from an individual and everything else is priceless. Indeed, freedom comes with no price yet with high value. History tells us that millions of lives have been sacrificed for freedom’s sake. Take the Philippines’ struggle against the Spaniards for an example. My forefathers, our then heroes, have fought for independence up until […]

Pandora the Explorer


Pandora The Explorer It was the end of March and I decided to walk at the dark sides of a busy city and some strange thing happened to me. Let me tell you the experiences I had while having a walk at a memorable place of the city. Walking alone at a place where a […]

Mts. Iglit-Baco, Philippines: Into the Savannas

One of the rangers of the park who doubled as our guide. He is a Mangyan, and treats this place as a sacred space. It is part of his job to make sure that there is no poaching happening in the area.


Something Unexpected in the Philippines


Searching frantically for scraps of food, like ants trapped inside a lunchbox, it was that all too familiar look of confusion mixed with a hopeful desperation that brought us together. We were the only Americans in the international terminal of the Manila, the Philippines Airport, five minutes into a four-hour layover on Christmas Eve. There […]

Batanes, Philippines: Never Saw Blue


It was the green that caught my eye, the first time I saw photos of Batanes in a book as a teenager. I knew where the Batanes Islands were, of course, we had studied it in school: the northernmost province of the Philippine archipelago, nearer to Taiwan than to Luzon. This point was always emphasized […]

The Heart-Capturing City of Dumaguete, Philippines


Each city has its own story. Each has its own rich history. But not all of them have very interesting ones. Dumaguete is one of the very few cities with interesting stories behind them. Why? That is because it involves pirates, beautiful ladies, and even a living statue. The key words that gave birth to […]

In Nokia’s News!

Hula Hoop Class Loews Group

From March News for We Said Go Travel: Thank you to Nokia for my Lumia 925 and for publishing my story about Manila! See photo on left and click here to read it! I am continuing to publish three entries from our Inspiration Travel Writing Contest everyday. Our fourth Travel Writing Contest ended on February 14, 2014 with […]

Malapascua: Remembering Eternity in the Philippines


It no longer exists, not as it was on that farewell New Year’s Eve when I counted the fireworks enflaming the sky. Malapascua – a small island in the Philippine chain – was buried under the sea waters the typhoons brought last year. Aerial photos show a mess of corrugated iron and bowed, broken palm […]