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Gili Meno, Indonesia


My travel book to Indonesia described the Gilis as a trio of beautiful islands so bare of resources that they were almost unlivable. Yet long before I got on the ferry I was warned by other ex-pats that at least one of the islands, Gili Trawangan, was packed with tourists, while another, Gili Air, was […]

Once Bitten, Forever Happy in India


Once bitten, Forever Happy There is little merit in retelling a journey done before, but there is great joy in retracing one. The first time that I went to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh (India) was over two years ago. That was with the family, but this one was with a bunch of fellow travellers, […]

Finding the Infinite in Taiwan


Part 1 “Don’t do it, Amber. Its too dangerous.” “You don’t speak the language, this is a dumb idea.” “Are you crazy?” Despite what my worried friends told me, I knew that after gallivanting through Asia for the last 6 months , it was the right time to take off on a solo motorbike trip […]

Monologues of A Single Lady Travler in China

Spring_Festival_Travel 338

She walked in everyone was looking at her, by herself, she thought it could be paranoia. Feeling a bit uneasy by the idea of staying in a Resort by herself, no family, or friends, just her by herself. She thought, “who does that?” Then, she said to herself, ” I do!”. She began to peruse […]

In Photos: Tri Hita Karana

In a village temple in Gyaniar, Bali.

The cultural landscape of Bali in Indonesia is largely shaped by the traditional belief systems of its locals. Tri Hita Karana — roughly translated into English as “the three causes of prosperity” – is a philosophy that governs and guides the daily lives and attitudes of Balinese. This unique concept puts premium to the universal respect of and […]

Dreaming of South Korea

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I was once told that I could never be where I am now. Now I am being told that I can never go to where I want to be. To breathe air from a different part of this earth and feel foreign soil before my feet, to interact with others who are not quite like […]

Never Regret a Moment Spent on a walk in India

India, Nepal, Sri Lanka 097

The first thing to hit me is the smell, sewers and sweat all mixed together creating an incredible and overwhelming stench! I turn the corner and smell something else… wow what is that? Freshly made samosas bubbling away and milky chai simmering in a huge saucepan, that stench from before seems to have vanished. After […]

Rhododendrons for Luck in Nepal


The gods must be cranky. “Sorry for picking the rhododendron, fellas. Truce, please?” I whispered my apology to the heavens and snuggled into the outcrop of Hinku Cave, a protective nook 3,000 meters and five days into Nepal’s notorious Annapurna Base Camp hike. In typical mountain fashion, the morning sky promised cerulean vistas and caressing […]

Laos: Learning to Fly


In many Asian cultures the age 25 is an unlucky one…and after a series of rather unfortunate events I was starting to believe it. As an absent-minded English teacher I forgot my wallet, passport included, on a hook in a Thailand squatty potty over one hundred kilometers from my out-of-country destination. After returning for it, […]

Thinking about Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Thinking about Lamma Island

A little bit of the country side in the city. That is how you can describe Lamma Island best. It’s one of the many islands of surrounding Hong Kong. It’s small and cozy. You can only reach it by a ferry from the Central Pier. When I took that thirty minute ferry ride, almost two […]