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Off the Grid in the Western Ghats in India


We eyed the accommodation warily. The choice was either a canvas tipi or a room in the stone-built house, with gaping holes where windows would normally have been. Although no one voiced their concern, we were all thinking the same thing: that neither would afford us much protection from marauding wildlife. With no electricity, no […]

The Classroom in Thailand


This morning I had a dream about being in the classroom again. I awoke to the grandfather clock that chimes every fifteen minutes throughout the house, feeling like I had seen them. In my dream, I’m standing at the head of a non-air-conditioned classroom. All ten ASEAN flags dangling from the walls. Five rows of […]

Mcleodganj,India:Musing over my muse(s)

img-20140209-wa0009 - Copy

MCLEODGANJ, INDIA: MUSING OVER MY MUSE(S) Breathless and unable to fight the temptation, I surrender. The comfort of rest offered by the rocky ledge and what lies before me is irresistible. I am just a few minutes away from completing Kora, the circular trail around Tsuglagkhang complex. The valley stands before me with arms flung […]

Gosaikunda, Nepal, where heaven meets earth


The semester was over, with month long arduous exams just attended. Another challenging semester and further exasperating exams. Life wasn’t particularly blissful, with the same monotonicity, absent of any vigor and gusto. The thoughts were infuriating. And, all such turmoil and muddle, set on the noisy, dull and cynical city of Kathmandu made me sometimes […]

Gurudongmar, India:A tale of handcuffed heartbeats!

gurudongmar lake

My car was whirling on the curvy, rocky highway of NH-31A, the sole connector of Sikkim to the Indian territory. It was a 12 hour ride and as for me, you could connect me to a barrel of scopolamine (drug for motion sickness) but still my vomitus would flow more heavily than rain pouring down […]

Honored to share in Vietnam

Winslow - Vietnam

Prolonged exposure to the frenzied pace of Southeast Asia’s mega-metropolitan areas is perhaps best remedied by a detour to Hoi An in central Vietnam. In addition to the beautiful Cua Dai Beach showcasing views of the Cham Islands, the former port trading center offers a picturesque and historic, UNESCO-designated downtown featuring centuries-old Vietnamese homes, museums […]

Historic City of Ayuttaya: Carefully Picking Things Up


The challenge posed by this site is to make sense of the scattered remains of a former strong Southeast Asian empire’s capital.  The historic city of Ayutthaya gained global importance due to its strategic trading location and strong diplomatic networks that were highly prized by the Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, and even the British. […]

Trailing the Tiger in Bandhavgarh, India


Over the last few years, I have been on tiger safaris in Corbett, Rajaji National Park, and Thekkadi but have never been fortunate enough to actually spot a tiger. This time, my husband, son and I decided to visit Bandhavgarh, the national reserve park in Madhya Pradesh known for maximum tiger sightings. The trip was […]

The View from the Summit in Indonesia

Hamill - Kinabalu

The world was black and far away as we waited on the summit of Mount Kinabalu; a ghostly memory suspended four thousand metres below. High up in the night-time sky we huddled for warmth against the bitter cold and watched for the sunrise, the murmurs of success and relief as climbers reached the summit mingling […]

The Heart-Capturing City of Dumaguete, Philippines


Each city has its own story. Each has its own rich history. But not all of them have very interesting ones. Dumaguete is one of the very few cities with interesting stories behind them. Why? That is because it involves pirates, beautiful ladies, and even a living statue. The key words that gave birth to […]