Dreams Come TRUE: Niver’s News: June 2022

Dreams Come TRUE: Niver’s News: June 2022

June News 2022 with Lisa Niver & We Said Go Travel: This month I was a finalist at the 64th Southern California Journalism Awards for book critic! It was my TWENTIETH (20th!) nomination and I have won FIVE times so far! I am now represented by Chip MacGregor of MacGregor Literary, Inc.  I went on a dream … Continued

Speaker at Turkish Consulate: Niver’s News: May 2022

May News 2022 with Lisa Niver & We Said Go Travel: Thank you to Gizem and her Turkish Coffee Lady Foundation for inviting me to be the keynote speaker at Premier of the “Turkish Coffee Tales of Anatolia” documentary at the Turkish Consul General’s Residence. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lisa Niver … Continued

Thank you! My YouTube channel is now 1,250,000 views!

Thank you for all of your support! My We Said Go Travel YouTube channel now has over 1,250,000 views! Thank you for all of your comments, likes and subscribing to my channel! The TOP TEN VIDEOS on my channel All Aboard the Train! Rocky Mountaineer is leaving Vancouver Saved by the Seligas in Falealupo, Samoa … Continued

Why was the Battle of Guadalcanal Important? Solomon islands

TELL ME MORE ABOUT: Solomon Islands history, culture and diving

Welcome to my new series: TELL ME MORE ABOUT: where I will be sharing resources from my favorite past adventures around our planet during this time when we cannot travel due to COVID-19. Please enjoy the photos, articles and videos that I produced from these experiences. For now, I hope you find inspiration until we can all … Continued

Sunset at Bartolomé Island in the Galapagos, Photo by Lisa Niver

TODAY.com: Cultivating Curiosity in the Galapagos Islands

Thank you to TODAY.com and TODAY Parenting Team for sharing my story: “Cultivating Curiosity in the Galapagos Islands.” How can you increase curiosity in your family? While it is an human innate trait, we can inspire more of it. We wonder, we ask questions and we explore our surroundings. Taking your family to the place … Continued

Melaka, Malaysia, dontstayput, mosque, islam, muslim

Why You Should Go to Melaka, Malaysia – Video

Melaka, Malaysia is not a city in the traditional, busy sense — there’s this sense of history and charm that breathes through the place and keeps you captivated for days. Life goes at a slower, deliberate pace and while you’re just about 2 hours from the traffic and hawking and noise of Kuala Lumpur, you may as well be worlds away.

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