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What is Your Biggest Transistion Regret?

What is Your Biggest Transition Regret?

Thank you to Kristin Canning and Women’s Health for allowing me to share my biggest regret about my divorce: ‘I WISH I’D BEEN KINDER TO MYSELF’ “I got divorced when I was 47 after being married for five years. I had been traveling in Asia with my husband and writing about it for my website, and after … Continued

Lisa in her first shoot!

Metamorphosis: The Website and I

“Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly.” I have always felt connected to science, transformation, and especially to the process by which fuzzy caterpillars become butterflies. Butterflies and their metamorphosis were even the focus of my Bat Mitzvah speech at the age of thirteen. I just did not realize … Continued

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