Memories galore on the beach in India

Memories galore on the beach in India

A mélange of emotions, potpourri of feelings, intellectual discussions to the usual female characterized jibber jabber, unrestrained gastronomic delights, spiked with the sense of liberation all jam-packed in one weekend. An impromptu decision to break free from the week-long monotonous life and to explore something new had us booking tickets to Gokarna. Gokarna, a small … Continued

Cambodia’s Temples Captured in Time

Cambodia’s temples captured in time and engulfed by nature Stepping amongst the rubble of the blackened stone structure, choked by creeping vines, it is hard not to sense the magic that clings heavy in the humid air. A secret garden of overgrown trees that hide mystical treasures of carved stone, secret paths and opening canopies. … Continued

Exploring Bhaktapur, Nepal

The people of the village-like-city Bhaktapur are splendid actors in the fabulous setting of the place. Cap saddled elders sit in groups of 4 to 5 members, every few meters, atop a wooden carved stage. Etched-wrinkled women keep busy cotton weaving with a historic looking spindle. Children of all ages play chase, hide-‘n-seek and run … Continued

Angkor Wat: A Journey of Life and Beauty

Walking through the Angkor Wat and experiencing its majestic nature felt like a lifelong ambition of mine had been completed. I arrived by tuk-tuk in the mid-day tropical sun, beating down upon me and the surrounding complex as if God himself relinquished all his power and energy to show me, in all its glory, the … Continued

Myanmar: Bagan Day Six (video)

Watch: 30 Bagan Day Six, Myanmar (Burma) For our sixth day of exploring in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) we again traveled by bicycle. Today we took our bikes to Nyuang U market. George got his shirt fixed and I bought a bag from Mee Mee Tin. We took in the river views at The Beach Bagan and … Continued

Myanmar: Bagan Day Three in the Rain(video)

WATCH: 26 Bagan Day Three Oct: Moving in the Rain, Myanmar (Burma) 26 Bagan Day Three moving hotels sunset in the rain at Shwe Zigon, Myanmar (Burma) Winner Guesthouse is under construction. They have a permit to build and it is a bit noisy and dusty. After watching the ladies carry bricks on their heads, we … Continued

George featured on the Huffington Post!

George’s first article published on the Huffington Post website!   It starts: A few weeks ago my wife, Lisa Niver Rajna, published an article in the Huffington Post titled, “Terrorized By My Bike, 5 Years until I am 50.” She pondered whether she was still up for adventure at her age and why she was … Continued

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