Taipei to Kenting: Flying on the High Speed Train

Taipei to Kenting: Flying on the High Speed Train

Going to Taiwan felt different to me. I did not really converse with George about it. I did not waiver. I just decided and organized the tickets with frequent flyer miles. Sometimes I do not know what I want or honestly I do not want to share my preferences but this time I just did … Continued

Nomads: All who wander are not lost (2)

Article first published as Nomads: All Who Wander Are Not Lost on Technorati. Our first career break involved wandering from Indonesia to Mongolia in 2008. George and I met online in 2007 and almost immediately started to travel. We were in Fiji after 6 months, and George asked me to join his life long dream … Continued

Bugs Are the New Sushi

Article first published as Bugs Are the New Sushi on Technorati. Sumathi Reddy’s article, Bug Eaters try to get some Buzz on September 15 in the Wall Street Journal said: “bugs are tasty, and good for you, too—high in protein, low in fat, cheap and good for the environment. ‘I think it’s what sushi was … Continued

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