It’s Rubber Time in Indonesia

It’s Rubber Time in Indonesia

The bus rolled like a storm-tossed ship, careening through villages and stopping suddenly for people to board with baskets of muttering chickens and hairy coconuts. Then we were off again, lurching round corners and crashing into potholes, making the garland of big plastic peonies bounce in the windshield. I thought the ride would never end, … Continued

Honolulu: Meet Mia Coffin of One Please

Meet Mia Coffin at Park Restaurant  2885 Kalakaua Ave at Lotus Honolulu Thursday November 7 5pm-7pm Mia Coffin is a waitress, a world traveler, and would-be anthropologist. Coming from a large family in a small town in California she continually escapes her normal life in search of distant shores and adventure. Being an experienced traveler, Mia … Continued

Indonesia: Kalimantan, Java, Sumatra

Indonesia (Dec 13-Jan 14, 2009)Kalimantan, Java, SumatraView our Photos View the MAP of our trip Kalimantan means “River of Diamonds” and we saw real diamonds and real treasures while we were there. We went to Derawan Island home to the DAYAK people. Our week there was awesome! We saw baby turtles HATCH out of their … Continued

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