How to Make Friends While Traveling Solo

How to Make Friends While Traveling Solo

Most people who travel alone will tell you that they couldn’t imagine traveling in any other way, and they’re the kind of people that thrive on being by themselves. However, it’s a simple fact of life that people do need other people, and even the most independent of solo traveler knows that they need company … Continued

Freedom Trekking Aussie Style

I just bought the ticket. Australia had been a life long dream, peppered with tales of wonder from all the Aussies I knew. A ten-day excursion did not seem right. Traveling half way around the world, anyone in his or her right mind should stay for an extended length of time. Personally, I had all … Continued

Realizing Freedom in Thailand

Realizing Freedom in Thailand On my first ever trip overseas (other than ferries) I arrived in Bangkok alone, with only the advice of friends and travel books giving me and idea of what to expect. I would spend over a month in Thailand as my stepping stone into the countries of Southeast Asia. Perhaps because … Continued

New Nomads: My Life Before and After Travel (video)

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I first spoke about my round-the-world trip to We Said Go Travel! I had just come back from a solo adventure providing work exchange (a form of volunteering where I worked for local hosts in exchange for food and lodging) for the entire year of 2011, and … Continued

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