Pondicherry, India: Healing Humanity

Pondicherry, India: Healing Humanity

Silence. That’s what you will hear if you visit the spectacular tourist attraction of Pondicherry that is located in the Southern part of India. Surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees that form a welcoming passage as one enters the wide, chocolate brown gates, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a must visit place for everyone. … Continued

Hyderabad, India: Caged Delight

Among the delicate spread of the berry bushes and behind the healthy trunk of a tall banyan tree, she stood, watching. Her eyes, wild like fire, matching the ferocity in her face, glanced at the crowd waiting to see her perform. As she stood up, as majestically as she could and tried to hide her … Continued

Hyderabad India, A Cultural Delight

The delicate gold plated earrings stare back at me. In the busy shopping centre at the crowded Bazaar, I breathe in the scent of Hyderabad. People, walking around in search of useless things to buy crowd the narrow roads, hardly bothered about what they’re bumping into or whose feet they’re crushing underneath theirs. Middle aged … Continued

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