Udaipur: Changing the World One Bottle at a Time

Udaipur: Changing the World One Bottle at a Time

Thank you to Charu at the Butterfly Diary for publishing my article about India: “Raft Building on the Banks of the Lake Palace, Udaipur: Changing the World One Bottle at a Time.” I thought sharing this piece on backpackers changing the world was a good fit for Rosh Hashannah, the beginning of the Jewish New … Continued

Music made from Trash: Landfill Harmonic in Paraguay (Video)

WATCH: Music made from Trash The Landfill Harmonic in Paraguay is an orchestra with incredible spirit and sound. The instruments are all created from recycled materials found in the trash. The story is going to blow your mind. From the movie: People realize that we shouldn’t throw away trash carelessly. Well, we shouldn’t throw away … Continued

In Westside Today: Local Brentwood Science Teacher Does Good

Thank you to  Amy Sommer for her article in Westside Today! I will be on NATIONAL TELEVISION on Saturday September 29 on KTLA’s Career Day. The article begins: On Saturday, September 29, 2012 KTLA’s “Career Day” will invite viewers in to science teacher Lisa Niver Rajna’s classroom and see first hand how she inspires her … Continued

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