Music made from Trash: Landfill Harmonic in Paraguay (Video)

Music made from Trash: Landfill Harmonic in Paraguay (Video)

WATCH: Music made from Trash The Landfill Harmonic in Paraguay is an orchestra with incredible spirit and sound. The instruments are all created from recycled materials found in the trash. The story is going to blow your mind. From the movie: People realize that we shouldn’t throw away trash carelessly. Well, we shouldn’t throw away … Continued

Couples Travel Together: How do we do it?

Our year journey in South East Asia started July 2, 2012. When we were gone for eleven months in 2008, one of the common questions was, “How can you spend so much time together?” We were recently  interviewed about Traveling as a Couple by Travelinksites: Today we have the fine pair behind the super blog … Continued

Travel without leaving home: Drum Circles in Los Angeles

Peace Corps and the Princess Four Seasons Kuda Hura, MaldivesPhoto by Tim Yeung George was in the Peace Corps, lived in Paraguay, dug his own latrine and was the only one in his village who could wash dishes inside since he created the only “sink” in “town.” During the same time, I lived onboard a … Continued

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