Want to Work Outdoors? Lisa Niver on CNN

Stay and Play at the Westin Palm Desert

Want to Work Outdoors? Lisa Niver on CNN

Thank you Lindsay Tigar for including me in your CNN article: How to create the outdoor workspace of your dreams! Use a real desk Sure, you could plop down on a lounge chair, or maybe even sprawl across an outdoor sofa. But to ensure you remain productive, you need to be comfortable enough to go … Continued

Fairbanks Alaska: Discovering Freedom

If you are interested in an independent, carefree vacation, consider Fairbanks, Alaska in the summertime. Alaska has always attracted people from the lower forty-eight and the rest of the world who have craved adventure and independence. Alaskans, all over the state, including Fairbanks are very proud of their past. Alaska became America’s forty-ninth state in … Continued

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