Chefchaouen, Morocco: The Television of Nomads

Kyrgyzstan: Living with Nomads

Atop the pointed edge of a rocky crag I squinted against the bright summer sun, straining to make out the blurred outline of the vast inland lake that shimmered in the distance. Behind me a belt of tremendous cliffs hung with jutting rocks diminished the 3,100 metre altitude that I was at. Partly because of … Continued

Nomads: All who wander are not lost (2)

Article first published as Nomads: All Who Wander Are Not Lost on Technorati. Our first career break involved wandering from Indonesia to Mongolia in 2008. George and I met online in 2007 and almost immediately started to travel. We were in Fiji after 6 months, and George asked me to join his life long dream … Continued

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