Inspiring The Best You: Top Tips To Stay Well In 2021

Inspiring The Best You: Top Tips To Stay Well In 2021

by Shannon Jackson 2020 brought in a year of unprecedented loss & grief. The COVID-19 pandemic is an epidemiological crisis, but also a psychological one that has provoked anxiety, stress, sadness, and pain. Although grief is a normal human emotion, it should be transitory, 2021 is the year for a turnaround. Maybe you are struggling … Continued

Brad Lemack The New Business of Acting

Act Like An Adult: The New Business of Acting

While there are many people who wish their dreams would come true, very few people actually share a blueprint of how to make it happen. Brad Lemack in his book, The New Business of Acting: How to Build a Career in a Changing Landscape – The Next Edition, describes step by step how to create … Continued

In the HUFFINGTON POST: Teachers Need a Village

My article appeared in the Huffington Post Education section last week. “Teachers Need a Village” is about the support that Educators need to do an excellent job. When I started a new job which required teaching seven grade levels, I created my own science teacher network in Los Angeles. As I said in the article, … Continued

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