A Night At Jingchan

A Night At Jingchan

Padma was our host in Jingchan for a night. Jingchan lies on way to Rumbak and is accessible by road from Phey. We had to take this unscheduled halt at Jingchen since our guide expected unavailability of rooms at Rumbak due to over flux of tourists. Jinchan has just two houses high up on the … Continued


Ladkah, India: Leh Ahead

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Nisha Punjabi from India. Thanks for your entry Nisha! One look from the air and I saw the hills splashed with white cream. Carefully and evenly – like mum use to do it. This snow from hilltops melts every summer providing this … Continued

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