Did you see The Layovers in Los Angeles?

Watch The Layovers with Johnny Jet and Lee Abbamonte

Did you see The Layovers in Los Angeles?

I loved seeing my travel friends, Lee Abbamonte and Johnny Jet, in the first episode of a new travel web series, The Layovers, for Allianz Global Assistance. The premier episode is about what to do for a short or overnight layover in Los Angeles, California. Do you want to fly in a helicopter over Los Angeles? We flew with Robin Petgrave from … Continued

Finding Your Flow: From Survive to Thrive

In Arianna Huffington’s new book, Thrive, she asks: “What is a good life?” How do you find a flow to move from simply surviving to loving every minute of your life and thriving? Huffington says: “To live the lives we truly want and deserve, and not just the lives we settle for, we need a … Continued


By Lee Abbamonte Travel opens your eyes and your mind to a whole new world. Travel enables you to see the world through other peoples eyes and from other points of view. Travel increases your awareness of other cultures and people. Travel makes you smarter. Travel is the best education you can receive. Travel enables … Continued

Count Something Important

Atul Gawande says in his book, Better, count something interesting, be it an object or an abstract concept, and you will learn interesting new ideas. Some people count the days to summer camp or the nights until a Saturday night date; I enjoy counting the countries I’ve visited. After seven years at sea and a … Continued

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