Thrive Global: “You Have to Fall Down, to RISE UP!” with Lisa Niver

Lisa Niver interview in Thrive Global

#GRIT: You have to fall down to rise up.

“To develop Grit, appreciate that you have to fall down to rise up” With Lisa Niver and Phil Laboon There is an old Japanese saying: “Fall seven, rise eight.” You have to fall down to rise up. Duckworth tells us: “Grit rests on the expectation that our own efforts can improve our future. I have … Continued

Do you have GRIT? I do and you can TOO

Do you have Grit? I do and you can too

As Thanksgiving approaches this week, I was thinking about gratitude and what has changed in my life since last year at this time. During 2015, I focused on improving my eyesight. Being able to see better and have my eyes work together has been changing my life. It was a challenging process to create new … Continued

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