Costa Rica – The Sharing of a Dream

Costa Rica – The Sharing of a Dream

Our last few days in Costa Rica were spent at a wonderful place. It was not a resort next to the beach; it was nowhere near civilization. As a matter of fact, we did not even have electricity for most of our time there. However, of our entire stay in Costa Rica, Jose’s farm, a … Continued

Thailand: The Choice is Mine

I’m living on an organic permaculture farm in Northern Thailand. I discovered it online while looking for a cheap place to stay near Pai. It’s the right price, and only a little more if I want to participate in the communal meals. Today? I’m in. Tomorrow? Well…I’ll decide in the morning. I was looking for … Continued

Eat GMO Foods? Science vs. Nutrition

  Barbi Walker interviewed me for her article on Genetically Modified Organisms to see what I thought about the science in this debate. She and I talked about how other countries are involved in this debate and the impact of how American choices in farming and agriculture impact our economy worldwide. Get Educated But with … Continued

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