Ei-chel, Paris, France

Ei-chel, Paris, France

We all have our routines. We go to and from work. We drop off and pick up the kids from from school. We run errands. On weekends we try to get out for some exercise. I am no different. But I am fortunate that my routine unfolds on and around the Champ de Mars, the … Continued

Encore in Paris, France

At one of our first ex-pat events, I sat on an unwelcoming green velvet chaise, suffering through a shaky rendition of “I Love Paris.” The nails on the chalkboard were both literal and figurative as my husband and I could only use “adore” to weepingly talk about the lives we had left behind. Paris was … Continued

France: Café au lait

“Café au lait?” asked the square, solid waitress in our Paris pensionne. “No, my wife won’t be coming down this morning” replied the American, firmly, trying to convey he understood what he was being asked, when clearly he didn’t. “Pardon, monsieur, café au lait?” repeated the puzzled waitress. “Yes, she was the one wearing a … Continued

Traipsing Around Paris

I had to go to Paris because I’m going somewhere else. Yes, I needed a Schengen Visa and (they say,) the easiest way to get a multiple-entry visa is via the French embassy. And so the Paris trip happened. Honestly, I never really thought it would be a good idea to be roaming around Paris, … Continued

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