Two “Foreigners” in Thiruvannamalai, India

The Thiruvannamalai temple has several temple towers pointing in the four cardinal directions, each exquisitely carved.

Two “Foreigners” in Thiruvannamalai, India

I had a lot of trouble pronouncing the name of this town: “Thiruvannamalai”. It required me to roll my tongue too much and too many times. It had too many syllables. Hailing from North India, living in the south Indian city of Bangalore, I initially found south Indian names to be tongue twisters – especially … Continued

India: Lost and Found in Mumbai

LOST AND FOUND IN MUMBAI By Arti Agarwal I was an oilfield engineer; the kind who wear muddy, greasy coveralls, work with hefty tools in the sun and the rain, have big degrees from an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), work on five computers all at the same time, monitor data from the earth in … Continued

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