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These handy on-the-go app recommendations come directly from bloggers in our Travel Influencer Series!


single_image image=”34377″ “We use Sky Scanner for finding cheap flights” Linda and Craig Martin of Indie Travel Podcast 

“Definitely my go to for searching through airline tickets” Jose Harvey of My Normal Gay Life

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“My Priority Pass gets me into pretty much any airline lounge” Jose Harvey of My Normal Gay Life

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“It helps keep me on track with my fitness goals” Sofia from As We Travel 

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“It’s the app I use most because on every trip I eat and I like to find offbeat local favorites.” Charles McCool of McCool Travel 

“I think Google Maps and Yelp are indispensable while traveling.” Matt Stabile of The Expeditioner

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“For security, [I use] Dashlane. This one encrypts and stores all our passwords, bank account details, credit cards, and automatically fills them in the online form fields. It’s a fantastic time-saver.” Luiza Zadros & Daniel Laskowski of Travel Plus Style

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“We mostly book through, the app is a great way to keep all our bookings in one place and easily make changes if we need to” Darren and Shelley of Finding Beyond

Alarmy App

“It forces me to get out of bed (the alarm will only go off when you take a photo or solve a math problem).” Jose Harvey of My Normal Gay Life

American Airlines App

recommended by Cacinda Maloney of Points and Travel 

AMEX app

Recommended by Pam of Always 5 Star


“It’s useful for organizing my notes and important things I might need on-the-go” Rachelle Lucas of The Travel Bite

Recommended by Anne and Mike of HoneyTrek

“It lets you download an entire city or countries map you can use offline when you land.” Jeff and Anne of What Doesn’t Suck?

“I love the MAPS.ME app which lets you download maps locally so you can find your position even when you don’t have a data connection abroad.” Marek Bron of IndieTraveller

“Maps Me is free and allows you to plan routes offline which keeps us from getting lost.” James & Sarah of The Whole World or Nothing is basically the best GPS ever (and free!)” Tamara Elliott of Globe Guide

Money Journal

“[I use it for] keeping track of all my expenses in a fun and colourful graph.” Erin Bender of Travel with Bender

Pepo app

“I am constantly using Pepo app. It is a great place where me and Cez have been constantly sharing our travel stories and tips with other travel experts and enthusiasts.” Agness and Cez of e-tramping

Podcast Republic

“I use it to listen to my favorite podcasts on my runs” Lisa Lubin of LL World Tour

Seat Guru

“We use SeatGuru religiously to pick the best seats on almost any flight. It’s how we avoid sitting in a row without a window, or too close to the lavatory. Don’t fly anywhere without it.” Eric and Amber of With Husband in Tow


Recommended by Alexa Meisler of 52 Perfect Days

“I use it to edit my photos on the go. I do not believe there is anything else like this app. Just awesome.” Stefano Ferro of MEL365

StarWood Hotel App and Delta Airlines App

“I’m a big believer in strategically working loyalty programs for free travel rewards” Jenny McIver of Around the World in 30 Days


“I use it for exercise as I travel (running)” Paul Johnson of A Luxury Travel Blog

Trail Wallet

“We use Trail Wallet to track our day-to-day spending and Convert Units and Currency HD to work out prices in different currencies.” Amy and Andrew of Our Big Fat Travel Adventure

“I use it to keep an account of expenses” JB and Renee of Will Fly For Food

Trail Wallet is great for this as you can categorise your spending and it automatically calculates helpful daily averages.” James & Sarah of The Whole World or Nothing


Recommended by Gary Arndt of Everything-Everywhere Travel  as well as Anne and Howard of Honey Trek

“It’s my life-saver, it’s great for keeping my travel schedule at my finger tips” Rachelle Lucas of The Travel Bite

“I use it for creating itineraries.” Paul Johnson of a Luxury Travel Blog

“I love TripIt for helping keep my itinerary organized” Jessica Festa of  Jessie on a Journey


Recommended by Caroline Makepeace of YTravel Blog

“We use Uber to find a driver” Elodie and Olivier of Olielo Luxury Reviews

“I need the Lyft and Uber apps for getting around without a car when traveling and occasionally at home.” Colleen Lanin of The Travel Mamas 


“I use VSCO for all my photo-editing” Jessica Van Dop DeJesus of The Dining Traveler

“I love VSCO editing app for my photos.” Rachel Jones of Hippie in Heels 

“For phone editing I put all my photos through either Snapseed or VSCO. They are both like having Photoshop on my phone!” Annette White of Bucket List Journey


recommended by Johnny Jet 

“For driving/traffic alerts Stateside and directions when traveling, I like Citymapper and Waze” Beth Meyer of Recipes for Adventures


“WhatsApp has brought me closer to my friends that live around the world” La Carmina of

XE Currency Converter

Recommended by Keith Jenkins of The Velvet Escape  as well as Anne and Mike of HoneyTrek

“It’s a life-saver when traveling” Jessica Van Dop DeJesus of The Dining Traveler

“XE Currrency is a must.” Michele Peterson of A Taste for Travel

XE currency and Google Maps. Both are staple and we are so dependant on them.” Stefan and Sebastien of Nomadic Boys

“I’d be lost without XE Currency. It really helps when I’m travelling to different countries in a short period of time.” Michael Hodson of Go See Write


If there’s a great travel app you’d like to recommend, just leave us a comment below!

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