Beyond the Northern Lights

Beyond the Northern Lights

I knew nothing about Iceland except for the Northern Lights when I landed in Reykjavik airport on a crisp spring morning. The sun appeared bright and warm outside the plane’s misty windows. That illusion didn’t last long; ‘and the temperature today in Reykjavik is Iceland. Haha! Or four degrees Celsius!’ announced the cheery flight attendant. … Continued


Having ever heard of the mysterious, largest land mammal so they say, I felt obliged to once in a lifetime get to come in contact with the African elephant. Where to be found I did not know but one thing for sure was this giant was laying low, keeping a remarkably unidentified profile, deep down … Continued

A Legendary Dad

In 2002, I was young and I lived happily in Ruava, Chin with my whole family. My dad was a pastor, a member of the council and once worked as school principal. My family and I lived in big house with two floors that my father built. Every night we always had family prayer time … Continued

Our Honeymoon in South Africa

Choosing South Africa as our honeymoon location was the best idea ever. On the 16th of October, my husband and I set off on a six hours flight to Johannesburg. DAY 1: We checked in at the hotel and when we learnt that we were just few blocks away from Monte Casino, we set off … Continued

The road less traveled in rural Kenya

“I picked a bad way,” Kate muses as she leads us through what could only be described as an impassable wall of thorns. I laugh, more at the irony than the truth of it. In a terrain of steep hills decorated with enormous boulders and slippery gravel, poisonous thorns and tiny stickers, vertical gullies and … Continued

Humans of the Airport in the USA

The stress that comes along with air travel can sometimes be overwhelming. Delayed flights, cramped airplane seats, and lost luggage can add to that stress to make your day a living nightmare. Yet, in these chaotic environments come people who have a light to them. That can brighten up the room by just showing a … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel