My Most Enchanting Summer in The USA

My Most Enchanting Summer in The USA

For decades, every traveler who has crossed the New Mexico border has been greeted by a sign declaring they’ve just entered “The Land of Enchantment.” (La tierra del Encanto in Spanish). After spending ten weeks in a 400-square foot casita in Taos last summer, I understand. For the most part, I lived sparely and simply, … Continued

Lost & Found in Ireland

There is nothing quite like the moment you begin to know who you are. You’ll think you have it figured out a hundred times before you ever even start to. Each time you will look back at the last, and think of how silly you were. Then soon enough, you’ll be lost all over again. … Continued

All Warfare is Based on Deception, China

All Warfare is Based on Deception When my parents set out to adopt a child, China seemed like the natural place to turn.  One-child limitations imposed on some members of the population led families to leave their infant daughters on the streets to be found to try again for a male child.  After a bit … Continued

A Rocky Journey through Canada

I am not usually one to consult psychics—I would rather leave my future a mystery. In this case, however, a rune stone reading sounds like fun. It will be part of the enjoyment of visiting Norstead, a Viking re-enactment village on the island of Newfoundland. During the informative tour, I listened to tales about the … Continued

The Sandstorm in India

The sandstorm engulfs me like a swarm of angry wasps. Each gust fires a thousand grains of dust at my helmet and fills my ears with a noise like static, as I crouch by a drystone wall. My thirty-eight year-old Royal Enfield motorbike sits abandoned by the roadside. My hands sting as they cover my … Continued

Reality Czech!

Reality Czech! Prague, here I come I declared once I booked a studio apartment for three days and two nights in the city’s Old Town section. Next, I researched to see how much I could accomplish during my stay without being gluttonous. Usually, I cover quite a bit on my trips by being organized, through … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel